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Picasso Centres
  • Centre Picasso d'Horta, Horta de Sant Joan

    • The Picasso Centre, located in the Antic Hospital - a renaissance building constructed in 1580, houses facsimil copies of almost all the artwork carried out in the artist’s two periods spent in the town of Horta (1888-99 and 1909). In addition, it exhibits copies of other pictures produced in Barcelona or Paris, which are also evocative of Horta. A large selection of Picasso’s original works completed during this first period are on exhibit in the Museu Picasso de Barcelona.
    • www.centrepicasso.cat
  • Espai Picasso, Gósol

    • L’Espai commemorates Picasso’s time spent in Gósol, from May to August 1906, in the company of Fernande Olivier. Picasso produced an abundant and diverse quantity of work in Gósol, comprising huge canvasses, landscapes, portraits, drawings and sculptures. Experts have identified this moment as a point of transition in the painter’s artistic evolution and as the gestation of Picasso’s pre-Cubist period.
    • In July 2006, the Museu Picasso de Barcelona hosted the seminar “Gósol: prologue to the avant-garde”, as part of the events called PICASSO2006BCN.
    • Lleida Tourism Office offers various “Picasso Routes” in Gósol and its surroundings..
    • gosol.ddl.net
    • www.lleidatur.com/cat/rutespicasso.html
Barcelona City
  • MACBA Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art

    • Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona - Plaça dels Àngels, 1
    • The collection includes a work on paper from 1965, Dans l’atelier.
    • www.macba.es
  • MNAC National Museum of Art in Catalonia

    • National Palace, Montjuïc Park
    • Since 2007, the museum includes a Picasso room which houses the painting Woman with hat and fur coat (Marie-Thérèse Walter), 1937, and a temporary exhibition of 8 little known works by Picasso, which come from the Catherine Hutin collection. Catherine Hutin is the daughter of Jacqueline Roque, Picasso’s last wife.
    • www.mnac.es
  • Fundació Francisco Godia

    • Temporarily closed to the public for the transfer to another building: c/ Diputació, 250
    • The Godia Foundation houses 3 drawings by Picasso (a portrait of Pere Romeu from 1901, a facial study of a girl from 1909 and a Minotaur from 1933).
    • www.fundacionfgodia.org
  • Fundació Suñol

    • Pg. De Gràcia, 98
    • In its permanent collection, the Suñol Foundation contains a collage on a board Bust of a woman in a yellow blouse, dated 1943, and a series of 26 aquatint engravings of Bullfighting from 1959.
    • www.fundaciosunol.org
  • Library of Catalonia

    • c/ Carme, 47
    • The library houses the original and facsimil collection from the magazine entitled Arte Joven, launched and illustrated by Picasso, the original and facsimil collection from the magazine Arlequín, 1903, which contains nine illustrations made of original drawings by Picasso, and it holds also some twenty letters handwritten by Picasso.
    • www.bnc.cat
  • College of Architects for Catalonia and the Balearic Islands

    • Plaça Nova, 5
    • Friezes are engraved on the building façade, produced by the Norwegian artist, Carl Nesjar in 1960, based on drawings designed expressly by Picasso which portray popular Catalan motifs. Inside the building, there are two more murals, one of which represents Barcelona and the other which is dedicated to the Catalan Sardana dance.
    • www.coac.es
Picasso in the rest of Catalonia
  • Museu de Montserrat

    • It houses two artworks by Picasso: L’escolà (The altar boy), painted in Barcelona in 1896, and the oil painting The Old Fisherman, produced in Malaga in 1895. The Museu Picasso de Barcelona contains diverse pencil studies of the second piece (MPB 111.165, 111.167, 111.168, 111.170, 111.171) and a related oil painting, Man’s head (MPB 110.072).
    • www.museudemontserrat.com
  • Fundació Palau, Caldes d’Estrach

    • In its Picasso room, there are some fifty artworks by Picasso that Josep Palau i Fabre, who died in February 2008, acquired during his lifetime or received directly from the artist himself.
    • www.fundaciopalau.net
  • Museu del Cau Ferrat, Sitges

    • Cau Ferrat was the home and studio of artist and sculptor, Santiago Rusiñol (1861-1931), one of the most noteworthy figures of the Catalan Art Nouveau movement.
    • There are 5 works by Picasso in the permanent collection, a pastel and watercolour on cardboard, The Bull Race, from 1900, and 4 colour drawings from 1900 to 1901.
    • www.mnac.es/museus/mus_ferrat.jsp
  • Museu Thermalia, Caldes de Montbui

    • It houses the Picasso collection previously exhibited in the Mas Manolo, the house of the Catalan sculptor Manolo Hugué (1872 - 945), friend of Picasso. Near one hundred pieces, ceramics, engravings, drawings and books speak for the friendship between the two artists.
    • www.caldesdemontbui.cat/plana.php?idplana=342
  • Museu del Càntir, Argentona Museum of Pitchers

    • In the Picasso section, the permanent exhibition includes 4 earthenware pitchers produced by Picasso in 1952 and 1953.
    • www.museucantir.org