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The bookshop-store in Museu Picasso of Barcelona has been designed to be a meeting point for visitors to further investigate museum proposals, offering a wide range of books and objects specifically chosen to meet expectations, whether for occasional visitors or Picasso experts. Its selection covers both popular and specialised books as well as children’s literature. In addition to the catalogues and other Museum Publications, the artist’s journey is evidenced through the different sections of the bookshop and the audiovisual material; constantly bearing in mind both his links to Barcelona and its cultural and historical context, where his works were developed, as well as his influence on the evolution of art.

The main sections of the bookshop are: monographs on Picasso works; essays on Picasso’s life and work; Picasso and Barcelona; painters who influenced him; Picasso’s influence on contemporary art; Picasso and music; educational material on Picasso and his time for children and teenagers. Objects, postcards, prints, etc. make the experience of your trip extend beyond the doors of the museum with objects inspired by Picasso’s major outstanding paintings.