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  • Picasso 1936. Traces of an exhibition

    • Date 30 november 2011 to 19 February 2012
    • In 1935, the Catalan group ADLAN (Friends of the New Art), founded in 1932 with the aim of promoting avant-garde art, set about organizing a Picasso exhibition in Barcelona. The exhibition was held at the Sala Esteva from 13 to 30 January 1936 and later travelled to Bilbao and Madrid. Picasso himself was involved in selecting the twenty-five works that were to make up the show, and there was nothing casual about the choice: the artist knew exactly what he wanted to show his native land, and also knew very little of his work had been seen there since the beginning of the century. The Picasso exhibition of 1936 was a great success and allowed the Spanish public to see and understand the work of the modern Picasso, at the same time enabling the artist to strengthen his relationship with Barcelona and, by extension, with Spain.

      The premise embodied by "Picasso 1936. Traces of an Exhibition" is to draw attention to the importance of documents in the appreciation of artistic processes. In line with this approach, and on the basis of the extant documentary materials from the exhibition of 1936, the Museu Picasso aims to show how the initial project became a reality, while emphasizing its significance in strengthening Picasso’s relationship with his country.

  • Feasting on Paris. Picasso 1900-1907

    • Dates 1 July to 16 October 2011
    • This exhibition follows Picasso's development from his arrival in 1900 in Paris, where he found a flourishing international artistic community, to 1907-1908, when he achieved status as a leader of the avant-garde in the French capital.

  • Cartoons on the Front Line

    • Dates 18 March to 29 May 2011
    • "Cartoons on the Front Line" focuses on the etchings from the The Dream and Lie of Franco series from 1937, conceptual and formal precursors to Guernica which are symbols of the committed political position the artist assumed during the Spanish Civil War.

  • Science and Charity Revealed

    • Data 30 November 2010 to 20 February 2011
    • The small format exhibition revolving around an emblematic work in the collection, which explores the context of the work and aspects related to its technical process and conservation.