The Department of Statistics and Dissemination of Data is heir of a long tradition of Statistical production and dissemination that began in 1902 when the Statistic Yearbook of Barcelona was published, being the first one in Spain. At the present, it’s part of the Municipal Data Office of Barcelona City Council, where it contributes to developing, coordinating and driving the Data System of the whole municipal organization.

The Department of Statistics and Dissemination of Data has the goal of producing, storing and disseminating the statistical information that gives a descriptive and quantified knowledge of the reality of the city of Barcelona, its territorial divisions and its surroundings.

The dissemination of the data is based on the principle of data as a common good, under absolute transparency and protection of personal data.

Apart from guaranteeing the circuits of supply of the official statistics of the Spanish and Catalan statistical system, the Department of Statistics and Dissemination of Data is devoted to ensuring the solidity, quality, coherence, timeliness and relevance of the statistical information offered in the platforms of dissemination of data of the department, like the Web page, the Yearbook, the viewers, the statistical reports and the service Open Data BCN.

The operational objective of the Department of Statistics and Dissemination of Data is to know the population, territory, economy and living conditions in the city of Barcelona, focusing on:

Collecting basic municipal statistics and demographic, economic or social data related to the city.
Designing, giving methodology and performing or coordinating operations of collection of statistical information.
Drawing up and disseminating statistical and data analysis and information related to Barcelona, its environment and lower levels.
Maintaining the territorial statistical divisions of Barcelona by means of converters and encoders.
Drawing up proposals to incorporate new data and statistics to the statistical plan of Catalonia.

The dissemination of the Department of Statistics and Dissemination of Data focuses on:

To promote, coordinate and manage actions related to the dissemination of the municipal data and of the studies, analyses and others derived from them.
To guarantee compliance with the regulations and the principles and guidelines established in the dissemination of information relating to municipal data.
To meet the specific demands of preparation and production of statistical information.