Participation in the Statistical Plan of Catalonia gives statistical activity category of Official Statistics, from the declaration of the Parliament of Catalonia "statistics of public interest", and their participation in the Statistical Plan and its annual programs in different that the said plan unfolds. The Statistics Department of Barcelona City Council and participated in the first Statistical Plan of Catalonia (Plan 92-95) statistic given its tradition as a producer and disseminator of statistics of the city of Barcelona, ??so the part of the Municipal Statistics System Statistical Catalonia is the array of institutions and the organs involved in statistical activities and their relationship processes that together produce results in the official statistics.

The Law on Statistics of Catalonia, of 30 December (DOG núm.2801) states that official statistics must meet a number of requirements that differ from other statistics.

These requirements are:

  • Public interest be declared by the Parliament of Catalonia to be objective in their approach and their results, which also must be public and also need to be understood.
  • Be comparable with other statistics carried out in Spain or the European Union applying a standard set of concepts, definitions, classifications and codes, as well as a methodology to this comparability.
  • Ensure no duplication with other existing statistics to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to the respondents and a better distribution of public resources.
  • Respect personal privacy and ensure statistical confidentiality.

Statistical Plan of Catalonia develops in the annual statistical action programs that establish the statistical description of actions to be carried out in a given year.

The Statistical Institute of Catalonia published on its web the relationship of statistical activities included in the statistical plans and annual programs; which they are also those which is responsible for the City of Barcelona, and by proxy the Statistics and Opinion Studies. some basic data of each action are indicated, as the responsible body, periodicity and territorial disaggregation.