How to join

Educating cities started as a movement in 1990 based on the 1st International Congress of Educating Cities, held in Barcelona, when a group of cities represented by their local governments set for themselves the common goal of working together on projects and activities for improving the quality of life of their inhabitants on the basis of their active involvement in the use and evolution of the city itself and according to the aproved Educating Cities Charter. Some years later, in 1994, the movement was formalised as the International Association of Educating Cities at its 3rd Congress in Bologna.

To promote compliance with the principles of the Charter of Educating Cities.

To encourage collaboration and specific actions among cities.

To participate and actively cooperate on projects and exchanges of experiences with groups and institutions with common interests.

To deepen the discourse of Educating Cities and to promote its direct manifestations.

To influence the decision-making process of governments and international institutions in issues of interest to Educating Cities.

To enter into dialogue and collaborate with different national and international bodies.

To form an active part of a group of cities with a common philosophy that allows for the preparation of joint projects based on the principles of the Charter of Educating Cities.

To showcase the city, its programmes, experiences and other contributions through the Educating Cities International Documents Databank (BIDCE) and other media.

To connect directly with other cities.

To form a part of the General Assembly and contribute to the development and operations of the Association.

To elect and be elected to posts and other responsibilities.

To participate in the International Congresses and stand as a candidate for their organisation.

To form a part of the territorial and thematic networks.

To have access to information on programmes and initiatives, and, if necessary, the resources, promoted by international bodies (UNESCO, European Union, OEI, Mercosur, etc.)

To have its own web page within the IAEC portal.