The Ajuntament de Barcelona's Traffic Control Centres allow us to have real-time information about traffic, thanks to the detectors located in the city's main roads.

At present, there are 566 detectors in operation, grouped together in 199 measuring points, 69 video cameras located in urban ways and 116 cameras situated at the Rondas (ring roads). In overall terms, 155 km of streets and 26 km of ring roads are covered.

A high extent of the information provided by the traffic detectors and cameras is what we offer to you through this web, including traffic maps and fixed images, which are refreshed every 5 minutes.

Everyday, in Barcelona, over six million trips are made. Four millions are made inside the city. The remaining two are trips between the city and the Metropolitan Region.

Most barcelonians, 38%, travel in public transport, whereas 36% use to go walking and 26% a private transport.

On the contrary, 65% of the inhabitants in the Metropolitan Region who enter in and leave from Barcelona do it by car, and 31% in public transport.