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RSS is an abbreviation usually considered as Really Simple Syndication. It is a format based on XML and especially designed for sites with news items which frequently change. The text produced in RSS normally contains the title of each news item and the link to the web page where the complete text appears.


RSS is an easy way to receive notice of new items published in preferred web pages. In this way, instead of visiting a web page to find news items only to discover that there is nothing new, the RSS tells you automatically when there is anything new. It also allows you to group together all the information sources that are of interest, to consult them in a single window.


To use RSS, it is necessary to install a programme called "news reader", which brings together all the news sources you subscribe to and allows you to consult their titles from a single site.

There are many free news readers on the net.

» FeedReader
» More news readers

Once the news reader has been installed, you only need to subscribe to the information sources which interest you. To do this, you need the web address (URL) of the RSS information source: copy the link which appears in the field URL address of the navigator of the page you want to subscribe to, and follow the instructions of the news reader.

On occasion, you need to write the link in the box which appears when you select Add new source.

*This link is indicated by the icon. 

Click on any of the following to open a larger version:

Fig 1. Screen capture of the FeedReader

Fig 2. Add the address to the programme

Fig 3. Results of the search

Fig 4. Latest news alert