Strategic lines: aims and initiatives

The Plan is structured around 4 strategic lines to be implemented as aims and initiatives. The aims pave the way for the municipal initiatives (sectoral plans, specific plans and programmes) to be followed if we are to make progress as an inclusive city.

Strategic line IV

It will strengthen the Citizen Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona, a meeting between the administration and social organizations. The Agreement comprises nine nets. Each works a social, brings together similar entities, and performs specific actions.

Reception and Support Network for Immigrants

children of various races clutching hands
  • Adapting the network to the new situation facing
  • Promote Network Integration and collaboration with professional brokers entities.
  • Provide personalized guidance on employment, services, housing and living.
  • Developing the work of the Network of Social Organisations Advising on Immigration Law (XESAJE).
  • Developing the work of the Language Coordinating Committee.
  • Perform support programs and support to promote coexistence and social cohesion
  • Promote activities and meetings XESAJE.
  • Create Code of Ethics Committee of XESAJE.
  • Promote the activities and meetings of the Coordinating Language.

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