Strategic lines: aims and initiatives

The Plan is structured around 4 strategic lines to be implemented as aims and initiatives. The aims pave the way for the municipal initiatives (sectoral plans, specific plans and programmes) to be followed if we are to make progress as an inclusive city.

Strategic line III

The third line reflects the priorities of the municipal administration on social inclusion and adapt as new measures to boost social services and services that ensure the quality of life and wellbeing of the people to the new realities of social exclusion.

We will be working from the districts and neighborhoods. It will promote actions to improve the autonomy and empowerment of individuals and families, and will promote the creation of new facilities and renovation.

Basic Social Services

People putting feet on a wheelchair to a person
  • Improving the quality of care and the efficiency of the Basic Social Services Centres.
  • Continuing implementing the Act on Personal Autonomy and Care for Dependants.
  • Improving and expand tele-care and home-care service cover for everyone who needs them.
  • Taking further steps to transfer specialised social services to the Barcelona Social Services Consortium (CSS), with the aim of improving their quality.
  • Consolidating and expand the Radars Programme, a civic collaboration initiative for looking after
    elderly people who live alone.
  • Working with the associations involved in the social-action third sector.
  • Reduce by 10 days waiting lists for Basic Social Services Centres, without affecting the quality of service. The ultimate goal is to remove them.
  • Improve response time citizen of Basic Social Services Centres.
  • Study the possibility of creating a single file for social assistance.
  • Respond to the needs by municipal social services.
  • Professionals who Centres for Basic Social Services to achieve the ratio of social workers, as the law allows.
  • Reduce the response time in the preparation and resolution of Individual Care Plans.
  • Ensure personal service and cleaning and telecare services to all eligible dependents recognized by LAPAD
  • Ask the transfer of the Government Social Services Consortium of all social services specialist.
  • Ensure Home Care Service to all families at social risk, according to the assessment of basic social services, social and educational support for children in need.
  • Extending the program Radars different districts of the city.
  • Promote the use of services from the third sector and other public bodies for the social inclusion of the most vulnerable people.
  • Including the right to independent living option in the portfolio of social services in Barcelona.
  • Develop Action Plans for Social Planning (PAST) to all districts and social service centers in the city.

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