Strategic lines: aims and initiatives

The Plan is structured around 4 strategic lines to be implemented as aims and initiatives. The aims pave the way for the municipal initiatives (sectoral plans, specific plans and programmes) to be followed if we are to make progress as an inclusive city.

Strategic line I

Barcelona City Council, an inclusive local authority

Partial view of the logo of the City of Barcelona

The various areas and departments need to take social inclusion on board and to adopt a global perspective and approach.

This strategic line is linked to the way the City Council works and we are implementing measures to improve the communication channels and forums between the municipal authority and citizens,
for a better understanding of people’s needs and working together.

  • Working towards social inclusion in all municipal areas.
  • Improving coordination between the municipal areas when implementing inclusive initiatives.
  • Improving inclusive care for citizens in all areas.
  • Encouraging academic research on social inclusion.
  • Fostering good-practice exchanges.
  • Promoting innovation for social inclusion.
  • Establishing the City Council as a public sector benchmark in corporate social responsibility.
  • Developing a joint strategy under the Citizen Agreement.
  • Promoting coordination between the Catalan authorities responsible for inclusion.
  • Making Barcelona an inclusive city and an international benchmark.
  • Include actions for an Inclusive Barcelona in all goals of municipal areas in the Municipal Action Plan (MAP) and the Investment Plan (IMP)
  • Define a model of inclusive administration and specific measures.
  • Create a working group with the various municipal departments to move towards an inclusive administration.
  • Create effective communication channels between local areas working inclusion.
  • Improving communication channels with citizens and simplify procedures.
  • Integrate all customer service channels (Web, mobile, social media, face care) tools and instruments to make them more inclusive.
  • >Incorporate social and environmental criteria in public procurement processes town.
  • Reserve 2% of positions for the City Council of autonomous entities and public enterprises for people with disabilities.
  • >Maintaining social reservation up to 20% and in contracts negotiated under the Council.
  • Measuring the benefits of municipal programs.
  • Participate in international networks and collaborate in the organization of the World Congress of Educating Cities for Inclusion 2014.
  • To monitor the new law Patronage policies and align them to the city.

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