Strategic lines: aims and initiatives

The Plan is structured around 4 strategic lines to be implemented as aims and initiatives. The aims pave the way for the municipal initiatives (sectoral plans, specific plans and programmes) to be followed if we are to make progress as an inclusive city.

Strategic line II

Barcelona, an inclusive and cohesive city

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All public policies affect social inclusion and cohesion. Consequently, each area of government specifies in the Municipal Action Plan (PAM ) the measures it will adopt to make Barcelona an inclusive city.

The Area of Safety, Prevention and Mobility will improve:
  • Road safety, especially for school children and elderly people.
  • The public transport service.
  • Transport and mobility links and infrastructures in the Metropolitan Region.
The Area of Economy, Enterprise and Employment will work to:
  • Create a new model for the relationship between the authorities, businesses and knowledge centres that boost economic growth.
  • Adapt the employment services to current demand with new services and programmes.
  • Improve the quality and competitiveness
    of the commercial sector.
  • Give support to business initiatives and consolidate the Social Economy Network.
The Area of Urban Habitat will implement a series of measures to:
  • Improve the services offered by the housing offices.
  • Foster collaboration between the City Council, social players and citizens.
  • Promote the green economy and innovation, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the efficiency of energy resources.
  • Improve safety and accessibility in public spaces.
The Area of Education will work to:
  • Increase the number of nursery-school places and improve the teacher-pupil ratios.
  • Improve the quality of the school system and encourage the teaching of values.
  • Increase the school success rate, fight against absenteeism and to stop students dropping out of school.
The Area of Culture and Knowledge will work to:
  • Promote the city’s heritage and popular and traditional culture as part of education and a factor in cohesion.
  • Create a network of cultural facilities in the neighbourhoods geared towards cultural training,
    creation and production.
  • Promote Barcelona as a benchmark university city.
The Area of Resources will push for:
  • Channels that allow ongoing contact between the Council, associations and citizens.

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