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Programmes and materials

Here you can find documents, publications and specific procedures on health issues within the immigration context. We have included guides and reports published by the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, as well as access to information on health resources in the city.

Information and links

  • ETIS - Equip de treball sobre IMMIGRACIÓ I SALUT
    Tel. 34.660.143.550
  • Unitat de Medicina Tropical i Salut Internacional Drassanes (UMTSID)
    Av. de les Drassanes 17-21
    08001 Barcelona
    Metro - L3 Drassanes / L2 i L3 Paral.lel

Preventive Medicine

  • Childhood Vaccination

    Childhood vaccination protects from serious infectious diseases. In Catalonia there is an official immunisation calendar which must be strictly followed.

    The paediatric team of the Primary Health Centre offers vaccines for children. If you have an accredited vaccination record card from another country, you must present it to your doctor.

    You can also get vaccinated at the immunisation centre of the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, Pl. Lesseps, 1; tel. 932 384 564. The Barcelona City Council will send a vaccination card by mail to the families of children of newly arrived registered persons. The card specifies and certifies the vaccines that have been administered.

  • Adult Vaccination

    Adult persons should also get vaccinated in order to prevent serious illnesses, like tetanus. Women who have not been vaccinated against measles may pass it unto their unborn child during pregnancy, which may result in a serious condition for the newborn. The family doctor will review your immunisation record and administer the necessary vaccines according to the official calendar. You can also visit the vaccination centre mentioned above.

  • Family Planning – PASSIR

    To seek professional advice on the number of children you plan to have, as well as learn when is best to conceive, please contact the Sexual and Reproductive Health Programme (PASSIR).

    There are many methods of birth control. You can also request emergency contraceptive methods if necessary. Your assigned family doctor can explain how to access these services.

  • Tardes Jóvenes Programme (Young Afternoons)

    Tardes Jóvenes is a sexual health guidance and education programme for people under 21 years.

    Tardes Jóvenes
  • Pregnancy

    Once a woman learns about her pregnancy, she must get in contact with her assigned primary health doctor.

    Your CAP doctor will explain the necessary procedures. Obtaining proper medical attention during your pregnancy will prevent health problems for both mother and child.

  • Care and Treatment Centres for Patients with Drug Dependence (CAS)

    For cases involving persons suffering drug or alcohol addiction problems, you may contact with any of the CAS Centres to obtain personalised treatment tailored to the specific needs of the patient. You can find more information through the Prevention and Care Service Programme of the Public Health Agency of Barcelona,tel. 93 2027703. There are also a number of centres offering psychological and psychiatric service for immigrant and refugee persons.

Health-Related Information and Materials

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