Voluntary return

Service to guide those who are considering to return to their home country.

In Barcelona City there are several official and functioning programmes for non-European people . SAIER's role is to inform people about the different possibilities and collaborate with the network of social organizations in the area.

The voluntary return is part of the migration process: when a person decides to return, he or she does it after having lived the emigration of the home country and immigration in the host country. That is why the voluntary return is a very complex process that involves multiple factors and becomes a challenge for those who wish to return and the professionals who advise them.

In this sense, SAIER considers important that each person that seeks information about the voluntary return receive care with the highest possible quality, whether he or she verifies the possibility of return or if they are already beneficiary of a voluntary return programme.

Type of questions we handle:

  • I want to return to my home country. How can I do it?
  • Which are the different types of voluntary return programmes that exist?
  • I applied for a one-payment unemployment insurance. How can I receive help to buy the airline tickets?
  • What happens with my residency permit when I leave Spain?
  • My children are naturalized. Can they go return with me?
  • When can I return to Europe ?

Services we offer

SAIER offers the following personalized and confidential services:

  • Information and general advice on voluntary return.
  • Information on alternatives to voluntary return.
  • Information on the different types of programmes.
  • Referrals to entities and organizations who process the return.
  • Referrals to other services of the city linked with the topic.
  • Legal advice on voluntary return issues.



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