International protection

Service for people willing to seek international protection in Spain, according to the right of asylum.

To be recognised the right of asylum, the situation experienced by the applicant must meet certain mandatory requirements. The main requisite is the well - founded fears of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, or political opinions, or to be membership of a particular social group, gender or sexual orientation. Besides, the nature of the facts must be sufficiently severe or has to accumulate sufficiently seriously.

SAIER offers professionals to attend your questions, prepare the necessary steps and guide you through your social integration process.

Type of questions we handle:

  • How can I apply for asylum?
  • As a refugee, can I bring my family to Spain?
  • Can I work while my application is being processed?

Services we offer

SAIER offers the following personalized and confidential services:

  • Orientation and legal assistance in matters of international protection.
  • Social care for asylum-seekers.


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