Section that provides the information and services that offers SAIER to foreigners who have immigrated to Barcelona.

SAIER provides immigrant people a service where to lay out your doubts and questions. For newcomers we provide services of first assistance and welcome; and for those who have been here longer, we provide services to help you settle in the city.

SAIER's objective is to provide a service where to get information and assistance about proceedings that have to be done, to know the resources and equipments of the city, and find tools to help establish your everyday life in the city.

Type of questions we handle:

Serveis que s'ofereixen

SAIER offers the following personalized and confidential services:

  • Reception and general information about Barcelona City
  • Legal advice and processing of documents for immigration matters: application for the residency and work permit, family reunification, student visa, application for citizenship, study and initial procedure of the appeal for refusals of the immigration permit, etc.
  • Social care for immigrants.
  • Training and educational advice.
  • Labour and legal advice.
  • Employment advice.
  • Information about housing: access, rights and duties
  • Recognition and validation of the studies and driving license.
  • Information about learning Catalan and Spanish language.

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