Service to support those who have decided to leave Spain, or are considering the possibility to do so, providing them information and advice.

This service is not intended to promote emigration as a solution of the problems in the labour market in Catalonia and Spain, but only to support those who are considering the possibility of leaving. We offer the basic information that is important to take into account before you travel and give advice about the best way to deal with this challenge.


Type of questions we handle:

  • What should you know before leaving? (Information for Spanish people and foreigners who have a residency permit or not)
  • If I had obtained the Spanish citizenship can I go to work to another European country?
  • If you are receiving unemployment benefits, can you go to work abroad?
  • How long can a foreigner with a Spanish permit live abroad?
  • What are the required documents for Spanish citizens moving abroad to live and settle there?
  • You want to validate your professional experience, recognize your studies or keep on training and you do not know where to start?
  • Do you know the resources for look for a job?

Services we offer

SAIER offers the following personalized and confidential services:

  • Basic information about the country of destination.
  • Advice regarding the required documents to emigrate.
  • Information about medical care.
  • Information about how to look for a job in another country, and about labour and social rights.
  • To export unemployment benefits or allowance from Spain to another European country .
  • Long duration permit for the European Union.
  • Recognition of academic qualifications, professional recognition.
  • Information about labour, social and cultural aspects of the country of destination and resources to learn the language.

Documents and links of interest


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