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Programmes and materials

Here you can find documents, publications and procedures related to specific areas of the labour and employment market and their impact on immigration. Likewise, you can find information charts listing work placement and occupational training resources and services in Barcelona. You may also consult the Immigration Guide for Business Owners or the Guide to Starting a Business in Ciutat Vella.

Immigration, Training and Job placement Seminar

July 11, 2014, Friday, from 16h to 20:30 pm
Palau Macaya, Pg. de Sant Joan, 108.

Organized by the Directorate of Immigration and Interculturality, by the Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council, in conjunction with the Xarxa d’acollida i acompanyament a persones immigrades.

Main objectives

  • Define proposals that facilitate and improve access to education and the process of labor integration of immigrants.
  • Create spaces of interaction between CMIB entities, Network host and support entitites, and relevant institutions in the field of training and employment.

The Seminar closed the process started around the issue of job training conducted by CMIB in 2013, which included the 5th CMIB Award in 2013 for organizations or projects in the field of job training for immigrants (projects video), while continuing the reflection and setting of common networking that was started the same year by the Network, through the Coordinator of the language (meeting of May 2013).

Catalogue of Shortage Occupations

Advice on Labor Rights and Duties in the CIAJ

Mondays from 10 to 14 h and 16 to 20 h.

Confidentially, issues are addressed on the job search (job boards, interviews, resume or cover letter ...), questions about payroll, wages, conventions, trade union rights, contracts, layoffs ...

You must make an appointment in the CIAJ. Tel 934 422 939 or by email to ciaj@bcn.cat

Youth counselling on work rights and duties.

Instructions for changing Residency Permit to Residency and Work Permit

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