Where to go?

The city has a large number of organizations involved in both job training and placement of disadvantaged groups and trade and economic development in Barcelona companies.

Training and employment.

If you have a work or residency permit and want to find work or follow a labour training, you can address to: the public employment services, to SAIER, to the network of entities offering support in the social labour process, Barcelona Activa, Adult Education Centres and other agencies.

Employment Offices (OT) of the Catalan Employment Service (SOC)

The Catalan Employment Service (SOC) has a network of employment offices and self-serices points (PAS): job search. Work orientation. Training courses. Obtaining unemployment benefits....

  • To see the updated list of offices, and other interesting information about the Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC), refer to the SOC website
  • Access to the list of offices (OT)
  • Office of Youth Work. Generalitat of Catalonia
    Information and advice on workplace issues and job search
    C. Calàbria, 147.
    Tel.: 93 567 56 63

Barcelona Activa and Social and work inclusion network

  • Barcelona Activa (Barcelona City Council)
    It offers programmes and services to improve access to employment.
    C/ Llacuna, 162-164
    Tel. 93 401 97 77
  • Social and work inclusion network
    It is comprised of the entities orientated to the social and work inclusion of persons at risk of social exclusion and other vulnerable social groups.

SAIER – Service Centre for Immigrants, Foreigners and Refugees

Information and orientation for training and work integration
Avinguda Paral·lel , 202-204
Telèfon d’informació: 93 256 27 00

Immigrants Mutual Help Association of Catalonia. AMIC-UGT-SAIER

Network of Social Entities with resources for Training and Work Integration

In the framework of the Reception and Support Network for Immigrants, there is a number of entities which offer orientation, training or work intermediation services. The complete list of entities can be found in the Entities Finder [Services > Job training or Job counseling.]

Raval Work Network

Adult Education Centres

Language learning courses, basic formation, admission tests preparation and digital skills training for adults.
All the offer and resources can be found on the website on the Education Consortium of Barcelona/Students and families/Adult persons training

Youth information points

Young people can go to youth information points to learn about issues related to job search.

Degrees Recognition

Degree recognition implies official acknowledgment of the equivalence (in level, content, duration, number of hours, etc) of a certain foreign degree as to the corresponding Spanish diploma or degree.

Non-University Degrees Recognition

  • Education Consortium of Barcelona
    Plaça Urquinaona, 6 (Corner with Roger de Llúria)
    Tel. 93 551 10 50
  • Territorial Services in Barcelona Regions
    C/ Casp, 15 planta baixa
    Tel. 93 481 60 00

University Degrees Recognition

  • Delegation of the Ministry of Education, Social Policy and Sports. Functional Area of Higher Inspectorate of Education in Catalonia.
    C/ Bergara, 12 1a planta
    Tel. 93 520 96 03 / 93 520 96 81

SAIER – Service Centre for Immigrants, Foreigners and Refugees

  • Advice for University Degrees Recognition and for other types of Education
    Avinguda Paral·lel , 202-204
    Telèfon d’informació: 93 256 27 00

    Immigrants Mutual Help Association of Catalonia. AMIC-UGT - SAIER

Entities providing advice on recognition and validation of higher education.

  • Support to the Academic Recognition Service (SARU)
    Plaça Bonssuccés, 5-6
    Tel. 93 552 69 89
  • Atlàntida Association
    C/ Vilamarí, 31 baixos 1a
    Tel. 93 423 42 04
  • WAFAE Association
    C/Jordi Girona, 1-3
    Tel. 93 413 75 92

Employer associations and trade unions

Confederació de Comerç de Catalunya

Employer associations


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