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Language Coordinator of the city

What is it?

It's a working group part of the Reception and Support for Immigrants Network composed of associations, entities and institutions working for the linguistic integration of foreign immigrants in Barcelona.

Constitutes a network in which to share linguistic learning experiences and resources, while seeking to create a platform for the analysis and research of educational needs in linguistic areas.


  • Tailor the offer of Catalan and Spanish classes to meet existing needs, ensure equal opportunities to newcomers and facilitate their integration into the city.

  • Promote learning and use of the Catalan language among foreign immigrants.
  • Coordinate the work of the different entities to optimise efforts, expand and improve resources, complement offer, unify methodologies and share, design and improve educational materials that are suitable for the foreign immigrant student.
  • To reinforce adequate training and recruitment of teachers and volunteer workers by offering a rigorous and consistent preparation in accordance with the European standard in language-related areas.

How does it work?

The Coordinator organises periodic meetings to discuss issues related to language education and promote the exchange of resources between entities.

Task commisions or teams are then created in order to address specific needs and attain the objectives set by the Coordinator.

The Coordinator encourages the participation of new groups whose objectives are in line with those of the organisation.

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