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Studies on Immigration

In this section we incorporate the studies and documents that help us understand the complex phenomenon of immigration in the city of Barcelona. You will find different reports conducted by the various departments of the Barcelona City Council (Education, Health, etc.), statistics of foreign population in the city, memories of municipal action and research studies carried out by the Immigration Department.

Barcelona Declaration

Cities are key to international migration policy

The Barcelona Declaration, signed by representatives from cities and international organisations gathered in the Catalan capital, underlines the importance of local authorities in terms of integration for migrants, and calls for further recognition of this role.

The Forum on Migration, Mobility and Development, which was held in Barcelona, ended with all the attendees accepting the ‘Barcelona Declaration’.

Statistical Reports

2013 Reports

Habitat and Time for Coexistence

Schooling in the city of Barcelona

For the third year in a row, The Barcelona Education Consortium has published a report on schooling that allows for our city's educational system to be gauged and for us to take the pulse of the fundamental tendencies with regard to the evolution of the school-age population.

The Sikh, Chinese and Phillipine community groups in Barcelona

This study offers a theoretical analysis on the phenomenon of international migrations and transnationalism, by presenting a comparison between the three groups based on their social networks, chain migration, employment trend, type and hierarchy of the community and the effects of the economic crisis, among other aspects.

Barcelona Immigration Information Portal

The 'Barcelona Immigration Information Portal' offers a free access, interactive map featuring the most complete information in the area of immigration in the city, including statistics by nationality, housing areas, places of worship…as well as information about the main agencies working in this field.

Study of Social Integration in Barcelona

Integration and interculturality. D-CAS

Immigration and family regrouping

Health of the immigrant population in Barcelona

Immigration and the Labour Market in the city of Barcelona. CESB

Immigrants transversal study

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