Here you can find a list of administrative procedures and services related to the exercise of Citizen rights and diversity in the city of Barcelona, including those concerning freedom of religious worship.

Office of Religious Affairs (OAR)

The OAR is a service of the Citizenship, Participation and Transparency Rights Department that works to guarantee the exercise of the right to religious freedom in Barcelona and to guarantee all the options of conscience, religious or not, are recognized and respected and can participate normally in the citizen's life.

With its lines of action, the OAR:

  • Support religious organizations when it comes to carrying out their activities in the city.
  • Facilitates collaboration between religious entities and the City Council.
  • Promotes the inclusion of religious entities in the citizen networks of their surroundings and works to normalize their presence in the public space.
  • Spreads the religious diversity that exists in Barcelona.

For more information, please contact the Office of Religious Affairs at

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