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Programmes and materials

In this section you will find the programmes and projects set in action by the different associations in the city working on behalf of civil, human and social rights. Materials and related information are also available here.

Office of Religious Affairs (OAR)

The Office of Religious Affairs facilitates communication between the religious communities of Barcelona and the City Council while promoting dissemination and knowledge on religious Diversity.

Office for Non-Discrimination (OND)

Courses on Human Rights and Preventing Discrimination:

Talks and workshops for citizens’ groups, associations, companies and entities, who can receive guidance on how the OND handles cases of human rights’ violation through dialogue and mediation with participants.

Participants are encouraged to become active agents in defining the problems that lead to discrimination and the specific community groups confronting them. The objective is to seek common solutions based on each situation.

Objectives: Human rights education is a fundamental tool to:

  • Communicate and promote Human Rights
  • Prevent violation of rights, not only by securing compliance of own rights but also recognising the rights of others.

Through the reaffirmation of social values we can play an active role in discriminatory situations. Mediation is considered the most effective tool in the resolution of conflicts. Conflict is seen as part of everyday life and therefore communication is an essential factor in the process of finding a solution.

For more information about the OND programme please visit their website OND

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