Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council

In this section you will find the official presentation of the Council. Who they are, why they were created, organisational structure and methods, members, and pre-requisites for becoming a Council member entity or association.


It is an advisory and participatory body with the participation of the City Office of Barcelona and members of volunteer entities and immigrant associations, social agents, municipal political groups and observers, all of whom intervene in the social environment to help achieve the full exercise of citizenship for immigrants.

Why was it created?

The Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council was created in 1997 by the City of Barcelona with the objective of encouraging compliance of the Article 9.2 of the Spanish Constitution and Article 43.1 of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia.

Article 9.2
"It is the duty of public powers to produce the necessary conditions to ensure that the freedoms and equality of the people and groups in which they integrate become real and effective; to remove obstacles which may impede or hinder its compliance, and to facilitate citizen integration in the political, economic, cultural and social aspects of public life."

Article 43.1
" The public authorities shall promote social participation in drafting, providing and evaluating public policies, and also the participation of individuals and associations in civic, social, cultural, economic and political matters, with full respect for the principles of pluralism, free enterprise and autonom"

The City Council created this advisory and participatory body, as a jurisdiction, as one of the mechanisms to achieve that Barcelona is a diverse and inclusive city with immigrants, ethnic minorities and, in general, with all cultures.

Organisational Structure

It is composed of a Presiding Council and Vice Presidency, a General Council and a Permanent Commission, the emergency opinion committee and the secretariat

The Presiding Council is the collective body with the highest representation within the Municipal Immigration Council and holds a minimum of two plenary sessions each year. Chaired by the Mayor or a Councillor, it includes all the members of the Municipal Immigration Council.

The Permanent Commission is the standing body of the Municipal Immigration Council and holds ordinary sessions every two months. This body is responsible for articulating the mechanisms that enable to achieve the functions assigned to the Council. It is made by the president, the first and second vice presidents, the member who has served as vice president in the previous period, representatives of both organizations with a larger number of affiliated in the city, 7 members representing member entities and the Secretary.

The Emergency Opinion Committee is convened to issue an statement in situations or exceptional events that affect the rights or interests of immigrants and applicants for international protection. It may be convened upon proposal of the President, by resolution of Full Council or the Standing Committee, and at request of a minimum of eight member organizations of the Council.

Moreover exists working groups that are created at the suggestion of the Standing Committee or the President. These groups are created to work on a specific topic.

The Council also has a Secretary's technical office under the responsibility of a municipal technical advisor who provides support, promotes and organises the different Council groups.

Who belongs?

Council members are:

  • The Presidency
  • The Vice presidency
    • First (taken by a representative association)
    • Second (commissioner or commissioner of the mayor of Immigration)
  • Members
    • A councilor or councilor representing each of the municipal groups (with voice but no vote)
    • A representative of each of the organizations and immigrant associations members
    • A representative from each neighborhood organizations, civic, cultural and city-wide union
    • A host of organizations and representatives of the people who work for asylum seekers
    • Contacts and personalities of recognized value (with voice but no vote)
  • Also in part:
    • Secretariat of the Council (without voting)
    • civil servants (with voice but no vote)

Requirements to become a Council member entity or association

General Conditions:

  • Be legally constituted and nonprofit
  • Having the headquarters in the city

Other conditions:

  • Representatives of the organizations of immigrants:
    • Proof of continuous activity at least two years (otherwise they can join the board as an observer organizations to speak but not vote until the achievement of two years).
  • Neighborhood, civic, cultural organizations and unions city-wide
    • Have specific delegationships of specific immigration
    • They must be nominated by a member of the organization
  • Host organizations and the ones working for asylum seekers
    • Proof of activity in the city for at least five years.
    • The number of representatives shall not exceed 25% of immigrant organizations.

Actual Member List and Incorporation Process

Visual documentation of the "Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council"

  • Video "Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council" 2005

Act of constitution of CMIB - 15 December 1997

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