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Regulations and plans

The Immigration Law is the legal framework which regulates the rights and freedoms of foreign persons in Spain. It is contained in Organic Law 4/2000, amended by Organic Law 2/2009, of december 11th, which along with regulations, royal decrees, orders and instructions, establishes the required judicial context to interpret the administrative and legal situations of foreign persons in Barcelona. We hereby present the most consulted documents and the reference links where the updated information can be found.

Reference links

Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social. Secretaria general de Inmigración y Emigración

Includes the set of Regulations and State's and international's Jurisprudence of reference

Generalitat de Catalunya. Direcció General d'Immigració.

Principal regulations

It is noted a selection of the principal regulations, the set can be found through the links in the Ministry or the Generalitat.

Immigration Law (Organic Law 2/2009)

General Regulations

European Union Regulations

Instructions from the Secretaría de Estado de Immigración y Emigración

Regulations and instructions of the Directorate of Immigration

Municipal regulations

Other relevant legislation

Action Plans

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