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Where to go?

The XESAJE - Network of Social Institutions Advisory Legal Immigration, was launched by the Directorate of Immigration and Multiculturalism Program of the City Council in late 2007. Formed by all entities who provide Legal Advice services in the city of Barcelona (47 entities) and work closely with syndicates, the Barcelona Bar Association and SAIER.

The objectives of this work group are:

  • Mutual understanding between the agencies which provide free Legal Advice in the city.
  • Creation of a representative platform for legal services offered by the non-profit entities in the city of Barcelona.
  • To facilitate coordination between members.
  • Implication of the actors in the development of materials and projects.
  • Distribution of existing materials and new changes in legislation, regulations, decrees, etc.
  • Invitation to external agents: institutions and experts in the area of immigration.

Legal Advice for Foreigners Social Entities Network (XESAJE)

XESAJE (Network of Legal Advice Organisations) Activity. Minutes of meetings, training or other activities.

    In this section you can find the minutes from the work sessions held by the Network of Legal Advice on Immigration Organisations and the corresponding entities in matters related to implementation of immigration law and other regulations, as well as documentation on the training conducted or other relevant activities.
  • XESAJE Activities

Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)

Spanish Government Office in Barcelona

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