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Procedures and Subsidies

All persons living in the city of Barcelona must complete a series of basic forms and procedures, such as the Population Register certificate or the obtainment of the public health card, as well as learn about other official procedures contained herein.

Administrative procedures for foreigners

Neighbourhood Document Brochure

Population Register

All persons living the city of Barcelona are required to register. The population register is the municipal census registry of the residents in the city and is a mandatory requisite in order to access public services such as health or education. Furthermore, the Population Register is also required for completing other procedures related to Immigration law family reunification, social integration, labour integration, etc.).

  • Information leaflet on the registration in the city of Barcelona
  • See the municipal website - Population census: residence and cohabitation
    Includes information about
    • Registration
    • Unsubscribe
    • Modification
    • Renewal
      • Confirmation of residence in Barcelona for foreigners and for foreigners with permanent residence card
      • Registration Renewal in Barcelona for non-EU
    • Proof
      • Cohabitation certificate
      • Residence certificate
      • Historical Registration Certificate

Barcelona City Council Online Procedures

Procedures for Newcomers

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