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Plans and Regulations

The City Council approved last July 2012, the new Immigration Working Plan 2012 to 2015 with the main objective of making Barcelona a city that is committed to social cohesion, equal opportunities for its citizens, and a positive understanding of immigration and human, social and economic it represents. The new Immigration Plan was created to respond to the challenges arising from the current cycle change that is occurring in the migration processes in Barcelona. Given the deadlock in the foreign citizen population in our city, it must be made a new approach to immigration policy. For this reason the new Immigration Plan not only focus their efforts on the host but the lace and the integration of those who have chosen to make their city Barcelona.

The new challenges that the new Immigration Plan wants to face will be guided by three strategic axes that structure the policies that are proposed.

  • 1 - Equity Policy
  • 2 - Recognition of diversity
  • 3 - Policy Interaction

Barcelona's Immigration Plan 2012-2015

City Reception Plan

Final Report of the City Reception Plan Update 2011

The document we present collects the contributions and suggestions made ​​by many workers in the field of welcoming immigrants. The reflections are provided in order to update and refine the City Reception Plan of Barcelona, which was presented in January 2007 and, over time and the social and economic changes of recent years was considered appropriate review.

EUROCITIES Charter on Integrating Cities

This Charter PDF renews and updates the commitment of EUROCITIES to the integration of migrants and the promotion of well-managed migration in our increasingly diverse cities.
The undersigned Mayors, recognise and value the contribution immigration and migrants have made to European cities. Over the past decades and centuries, immigrants have arrived with fresh experiences and new ideas that have brought progress in science, arts, commerce and economic development. They play a leading role in creating the diversity and vibrancy we experience in our cities today.

Past Plans

2008-2011 Immigration Work Plan

2002 City Immigration Plan

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