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Exposició Jamais
Exhibition «JAMAIS. Óscar Domínguez & Pablo Picasso» opens to the public, 15th july

This exhibition stems from Jamais, a famous object from 1938 by the surrealist artist Óscar Domínguez. The work in question is a silent phonograph painted white whose platter is represented by an abdomen that spins under a hand acting as a needle as a woman’s legs emerge from its speaker.

All you need to know to return to the Museum
You already have your tickets to come to the Museum but you wonder: do I have to print them? Will I have to wear my mask? Which is the reception area? In the FAQs we resolve these and other doubts about the reopening.
Self-guided family visit
For the families who come to visit us, we have prepared a game of clues that will take you on a tour of the museum and the artistic and personal world of Picasso. Let's see if you can guess who the inhabitants of the museum are!
There's always a Picasso to discover
From the Museu Picasso we think it is time to show our more human side beyond the professional and make a call to the citizens so that they feel the Museu Picasso as their home more than ever. The desire of the Museu Picasso is to spread this question, And you, which Picasso do you know?
Museums in the news more than ever, in times of pandemic
For museums the need has long been clear to rethink their cultural and social role and how their contents reach the public. The Covid-19 lockdown, apart from its immediate impact, has caused this reinvention process to accelerate.
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