1917 Picasso a Barcelona
Exhibition«1917. Picasso in Barcelona», until January 28th

With this exhibition we celebrate the last significant period of time spent in Barcelona by Pablo Picasso. Since he definitely set up in Paris in 1904, he had not spent such a long time in the city, and after 1917 he would only come for brief stages in the summers of 1933 and 1934.

Exhibition «Arthur Cravan. Maintenant?», until January 28th
The exhibition focuses on Cravan’s stay in Barcelona. In December 1915 he arrived in the city and met up with the artistic couples Juliette Roche and Albert Gleizes, Serge Charchoune and Helena Grunhoff, and the Picabias. To make a living he gave boxing classes in a reputable club and refereed fights.
Exhibition «The shared studio. Picasso, Fín, Vilató, Xavier», until January 28th
The goal of this exhibition is to show how passion for printmaking was expressed over three generations of a family. Pablo Picasso, J. Fín, Vilató and Xavier are four profoundly different artistic personalities.
Exhibition «Lucien Clergue: Twenty-seven Meetings with Picasso», until January 28th
In 2016 the Museu Picasso in Barcelona purchased Lucien Clergue’s collection of photographs of Picasso’s life: almost 600 black-and-white vintage gelatin-silver prints. This exhibition includes almost all the photographs acquired and presents them as a chronicle.
Restoration of the work Science and Charity
This emblematic work is being submitted to an exhaustive restoration and revision, in the exhibition room itself.
Pedagogical space of the exhibition «The Shared workshop»
Informative space of the exhibition «The Shared workshop» where you can learn more about engraving and practise it. Come and visit it with your friends and family!
Call for internships at the the Museu Picasso
With this training programme for university students by means of internship placements the aim is to promote learning by means of experience in the professional fields that are developed in the museum.
Presentation of the book Apel·les Fenosa. Entre Paris i El Vendrell in the Museu Picasso
On 12th December at seven o’clock in the evening, in the Museu Picasso of Barcelona, a presentation will take place of the book Apel·les Fenosa. Entre Paris i El Vendrell, by Josep Miquel Garcia and Jean-Marie del Morall.
Roundtable: «Barcelona 1917: the avant-garde who fled from the Great War»
During the First World War, Barcelona was one of the avant-garde capitals. But what really happened in that neutral city? In this roundtable, the cultural panorama of the moment will be explored.
Christmas workshop: «Bestialities», 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th December
From the Museum of World Cultures and the Picasso museum of Barcelona, we invite you to delve into and explore the different forms of knowing and creating through animals. We encourage you to participate in our «Bestialities»!
New children’s publications of the Museu Picasso, a perfect gift for Christmas
The eyes of Picasso and The bestiary of Picasso are the first two titles of this series, illustrated with works from our collection.
2017 of the Museu Picasso in images
What have we done in the museum this year? Lots of things! Among them we can include various exhibitions, family activities, workshops, seminars, talks and conferences, visits, restorations... In the Flickr of the Museu we leave you with a small taste of what 2017 has been for the museum.
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