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Exhibition «Picasso's Kitchen», until September 30th

The main subject of this exhibition is the theme of food and cooking in the broadest sense. As a subject that is ever-present in Picasso’s work, in this exhibition it is considered for the first time.

Proposed performances: Futurae Radices: a case study, given by Gulalab, July 4th
A talk about the neo-gastro-art movement Futurae Radices: its confusing origin, its controversial manifesto and the analysis of the most hepatic works of the most prominent members.
Theatre: Pol Lòpez reinterprets Picasso, July 5th and 12th
Tros i trossos d'obra famèlica (Bits and pieces of a hungry work) by Pol López. Theatrical intervention based on the work based on the work Desire caught by the tail by Pablo Picasso, in the exhibition of a thing and Pol López as well.
Proposed performances: Agape Insípido (Tasteless Agape) by Vera García, July 11th
A perfo-tasting experience that proposes a trip from the insipid to the savoury through the senses, in which the guests become protagonists.
Proposed performances: Culinary Visual Poetry, by David Ymbernon, July 18th
This consists of cooking a dish in which, in the foods used, there is no relation between the container and the contents.
Inhabitants of the Museum: Benedetta Bianco, Mrs Canals
In a previous post we already talked to you about the origin of Mrs Canals, one of the most outstanding portraits of the collection of the Museu. But, without putting to one side the relation with Picasso, on this occasion we want to delve in a little more into the figure of a woman who also appears in works of other artists of the period, and who would often become the heart and soul of parties.
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