Big Draw. La festa del dibuix
Big Draw. La festa del Dibuix, Sunday October 22nd

Draw, draw, draw! A whole day of fun, urban and vital proposals where drawing and you are the protagonists.

Exhibition «1917. Picasso en Barcelona», opens to the public, October 26th
With this exhibition we celebrate the last significant period of time spent in Barcelona by Pablo Picasso. Since he definitely set up in Paris in 1904, he had not spent such a long time in the city, and after 1917 he would only come for brief stages in the summers of 1933 and 1934.
Exhibition «Arthur Cravan. Maintenant?», opens to the public, October 26th
The exhibition focuses on Cravan’s stay in Barcelona. In December 1915 he arrived in the city and met up with the artistic couples Juliette Roche and Albert Gleizes, Serge Charchoune and Helena Grunhoff, and the Picabias.
Exhibition «The shared studio. Picasso, Fín, Vilató, Xavier», opens to the public, October 26th
The goal of this exhibition is to show how passion for printmaking was expressed over three generations of a family. Pablo Picasso, J. Fín, Vilató and Xavier are four profoundly different artistic personalities.
Exhibition «Lucien Clergue: Twenty-seven Meetings with Picasso», opens to the public, October 26th
In 2016 the Museu Picasso in Barcelona purchased Lucien Clergue’s collection of photographs of Picasso’s life: almost 600 black-and-white vintage gelatin-silver prints. This exhibition includes almost all the photographs acquired and presents them as a chronicle.
We are starting the activities for school groups
We offer workshop visits and dynamic visits for schools and high schools to the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions. If you want to come with your students, visit the website to choose the proposal that suits you most and do the booking.
Memory workshop "Picasso in the memory"
Workshop aimed at the elderly, which will start in October, and has a duration of 20 weekly sessions.
Roundtable: «Engraving as a family legacy», October 26th
Rountable around the exhibition «The shared studio. Picasso, Fín, Vilató, Xavier». In this conversation the relation will be explored of the various artists of the family with their engravings, with the projection of the documentary La línia ininterrompuda (The uninterrupted line), directed by Numa Vilató.
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