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Barcelona Dibuixa, Sunday, 20th October 2019

With a new name, "Barcelona Dibuixa", that fully reflects the spirit, the big drawing festival of the city of Barcelona will be present in more neighborhoods and more entities than ever! Up to 48 free workshops in which adults and children can share our creativity and explore the possibilities offered by pencil and paper. We look forward to seen you there!

We are starting the activities for school groups
Welcome schools! In October we are resuming the pedagogical visits for students of primary, secondary and baccalaureate. If you want to come with your students, you can visit the website to choose the proposal that suits you best and make the booking.
Picasso Museum in family: « Picasso's colours», 26th October
There are many ways of portraying the people we know.After looking at the portraits that Picasso painted, we propose doing our own in a very funny way.
This October we started the memory workshop for the elderly «Picasso in the memory»
This workshop allows us to maintain and boost our cognitive capacities, as well as exploring and taking an in-depth look at the possibilities of art as a tool for training. The aim of the proposal is to improve the performance of the memory through contact with art.
Guided visits
We organise guided visits in Catalan, Spanish, English and French that help the visitors to get to know the details of the Collection and palaces.
Bernard Plossu: “Picasso is a photographer!”
During the last days of "Picasso, the photographer’s gaze", the exhibition has had a luxury guest, the French photographer Bernard Plossu (1945), well known for his subtle and poetic landscapes in black and white and one of today’s major European photographers.
Future exhibitions
This autumn we will be inaugurating two exhibitions that you will be able to visit as of October 8th.
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