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Visits for groups

Group visits are admitted only by prior arrangement

Phone (+34) 93 256 30 22 From 10am to 1pm Monday to Friday
Via e-mail
The group minimum is 10 people, the maximum is 15. If the group is larger, it must be split and enter at 15 minute intervals.
Under any circumstances will be allowed that groups without previous reservation dissolve in smaller groups and try to access as individual visitors.
A unique payment for the whole group. Payment in advance.
A person in charge of each group of 10 visitors can enjoy free admission.
The entrance for groups is from Montcada street, 17.

The Museum is reserved for individual access only

Thursday afternoons from 4.00pm to 8 pm.

First Sunday of each month.

Open Door days.

Group Entry Guidelines

The group must arrive punctually at the reservation time. Where there is a delay, the museum must be notified on (+34) 93 256 3022.

Where the visit can’t be made, prior warning must be given to cancel it.

When a group arrives at the Museum, the person in charge of the group must go in to arrange things before the visit. When making payment (in advance), this person must make a single payment for the entire group.

All group leaders must carry the accreditation that will be provided upon entry and must be carried throughout the museum visit, the leader having to be with his/her group at all times.

Throughout the visit, the leader must take charge of his/her group. The group must maintain an adequate tone throughout the Museum visit so as not to disturb other visitors.

No food or drink allowed in the rooms.

Rucksacks or bags measuring over 30 x 30 cm may not be taken into the rooms. Group belongings may be left in the group cloakroom lockers. One locker is used per group. The group leave their rucksacks together and the whole group picks them up. The leader will be given the key to the locker. If the group is larger than 25, it must be divided before rucksacks are left in the group cloakroom.

Room staff are there to help you with your visit and solve any doubts you may have. We kindly request that the group follows their instructions.

Once the visit is finished, the meeting point is in the group arrangement space (under the arches in the Palau Baró de Castellet). You may sit, carry out pertinent explanations and work at this point. For security reasons and so as not to disturb the movement of other visitors, the group may not wait at the foot of the exit staircase.

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