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This virtual route is taken from the Guia de Picasso a Barcelona (Guide to Picasso's Barcelona), written by Josep Maria Carandell

The tour around the houses Picasso lived and worked in, around the places he frequented, offers more than one surprise for curious visitors.

Some will, perhaps, discover the city of Barcelona itself, with its hidden corners that still preserve many of the features of those fascinating years at the turn of the 20th century. Others will find in the rather humble lodgings of the budding artist the fantastic leap an extremely gifted person and tireless worker could make with some luck, living in an era marvellously open to whatever was new, from the mediocrity in art and fortune to heights of creativity and fame as well to making real money from his work.

  • Josep Maria Carandell (Barcelona, 1934-2003)

    Josep Maria Carandell was a journalist, writer and philosopher. With a degree in Philosophy (following periods in Barcelona, Hamburg and Munich), Carandell focussed his career on journalism and teaching. Known for his intellectual curiosity, cultural knowledge, in-depth knowledge of Gaudí and good communication skills, Carandell became a prominent writer about the city of Barcelona. His works include Guia secreta de Barcelona, La Barcelona viva, La Rambla i els seus misteris and this Guide to Picasso's Barcelona. In the field of journalism, Carandell made significant contributions to both radio and press as well as being a key figure in the creation of the literary supplement, Tel/eXpres. He was awarded the Goethe medal for his work on German culture and he also received the medal for artistic merit from the city of Barcelona.

  • Guide to Picasso's Barcelona

    • Author Josep Maria Carandell
    • Year 2006
    • Pages 19 + map
    • Languages English, Catalan, Spanish and French
    • Publisher Institut de Cultura / Turisme de Barcelona
    • Price 5€ (on sale in the Museum shop)

    The 2006 published guide recovers the text Barcelona writer and chronicler Josep Maria Carandell wrote for the first edition, published in 1981 to celebrate the centenary of Picasso's birth. The pages take readers around scenes from Picasso's life in Barcelona, whilst linking many of the works on display at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona. The Guide includes an illustrated map aiding visitors to tour around the city's streets.

    • © of the edition: Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, Museu Picasso
    • © of the text: Christa Gottschewsky, veuve Josep M. Carandell
    • © of the art works: Succession Picasso, VEGAP, Barcelona
    • © of the photographies: Museu Picasso / Arxiu històric de la Ciutat de Barcelona-Arxiu Fotogràfic.
    • Photographers: Ramon Muro, Jordi Calafell and Rosa Feliu (of the works), Josep M. Llobet (of the city)
    • Graphic ideation of the map Jordi Salvan