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Library services

The Museu Picasso library is a centre dedicated to providing support for the study of Pablo Picasso’s life and work. It houses a documentary collection on the artist and, by extension, on the artistic context of his whole career which practically ran throughout the 20th century.

The library is a free public service. A prior appointment is required to access the service.


Enquiries on bibliographical aspects may be addressed via e-mail


The catalogue brings together the present monographic collection and exhibition catalogues as well as other documentary material in the museum library. The catalogue also refers articles from our historical avant-garde magazine collection. Library searches may be done via subject keywords in Catalan and Spanish.

Reading Room

The library has a reading room with open-access documents and 18 work desks. You may bring your own laptop computer or PDA into the Reading Room

Interlibrary Loans

Only interlibrary loans are made; there is no individual loan service.


The service is free and open. A prior appointment is required, please use the form or telephone (+34) 93 256 30 31, at least one day in advance.