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-Tuesday to Sundays: 9am to 7pm* (including holidays)

-Thursday: until 9.30pm* (27th April the museum will close at 7.00pm)

-Monday: closed (including Public holiday Mondays)

*The sale of tickets can end prior to the closing of the museum if the tickets run out. So as to avoid not being able to get an admission ticket, we recommend that you buy it in advance.

  • Limited capacity

    • The Picasso Museum recommends that you buy your tickets online. This way, you will be able to choose the time of your visit and avoid the queues. However, with the advance sale of tickets, the daily visitor capacity may be reached before 7.00 pm, the museum closing time. The Picasso Museum informs visitors who choose to buy their tickets directly at the box office that this situation may arise, in which case, they will not be allowed to enter the museum, as we are obliged to comply with the current rules and regulations. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. Visitors who go straight to our box offices should check the screens located at the entrance of the building for information on ticket sales and access to the museum. Our staff is also on hand to help you with any queries you may have. Thank you.
Bank Holidays (closed) 1st January, 1st May, 24th June and 25th December
24th and 31st December The museum will close at 2.00pm.

Reduced fee

The reduced fee will be applied to visitors that fulfil the following conditions:

-People between 18 and 25 years old

-People 65 years old and over

-Unemployed people or those who possess the reduced pink card

-Holders of the Libraries Card of Barcelona

Free tickets

The fee tickets will be applied to visitors that fulfil the following conditions:

-Under 18 year-olds

-Duly accredited university students

-Holders of the free-of-charge Pink Card

-Duly accredited members of the ICOM

-Duly accredited members of the Associació de Museòlegs de Catalunya

-Professional tourist guides when carrying out their work

-Teachers and professors credited by the Generalitat

-Teachers from formal education accredited by the management of the education centre when carrying out their work.

-Holders of the Metropolitan Pass for accompanying disabled people

-Duly accredited journalists

  • Visitors under 14 years old must always be accompanied by an adult


-All Sundays free from 3 pm

-First Sunday of each month, free Museum entrance for everybody

Open Door days
12th February
18th May
24th September

The shop and restaurant as well as the entire ground floor hallway and room 0 are open-access.



  • Admission tickets online. Rules of access:

    The Museu Picasso has a very high affluence of visitors. For this reason we request that you respect the following rules:
    • With the online admission ticket you can directly access the museum without queuing by entering through the control point of Montcada Street, 17.
    • The admission tickets give you the right to access the museum on the date and at the time stated on it.
    • The admission tickets acquired in advance allow you to enter the museum during the 15 minutes after the start of the time reserved.
    • To benefit from some discount or gratuity, you must show the documentation that accredits these advantages at the access point of Montcada Street, 17.
    • Once you have acquired the admission ticket, the amount paid will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.
    • You should keep the admission ticket throughout your visit to the museum and show it if requested by authorized staff.
    • Once the admission ticket has been validated at the access control point you will not be allowed to re-enter the museum if you exit it.
    • Once the admission ticket has been validated at the access control point you will not be allowed to re-enter the museum if you exit it.
    • Manipulated or incorrectly used admission tickets can be removed and access will not be given to the museum, without prejudicing the legal responsibility that could arise from their fraudulent use.


Museu Picasso Card

This card is an open pass for individual public which will allow the titleholders, at a very low cost, to freely access the Museum throughout the year, as of the date of purchase, as often as they like, and to visit both the collection and the temporary exhibitions on show, accessing the centre in a direct way, without queuing.

It can be acquired directly from the Museu Picasso.

número 2Come to the museum
Special ticket offices of Montcada 23
Get a photo taken of yourself in an instant, make the payment in cash or by credit card. The Card will be given to you immediately.

número 3Access the collection or
the temporary exhibition taking
place without going to the ticket
office or queuing.
A bar code reader will verify that the access is allowed.

It allows free access throughout the year from the date of purchase.
One month before the end of the year a reminder will be sent to the titleholder of the need to renew the payment so as to be able to continue enjoying the card

€15 Collection + temporary exhibitionobligatori

obligatoriThe acquisition and renewal of the payment, in cash or by credit card, should be done directly in the Museu Picasso.


Multi-entry - €30