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Image reproduction service of the Collection of the Museu Picasso of Barcelona

The Museu Picasso in Barcelona has a bank of images of the works of art that form part of the Collection, as well as a large part of the documentary collection (archives and bibliographic collections), available to researchers, publishers, artistic and cultural institutions who wish to reproduce it for use by any means.

  • Formats and rates

    Temporary use of the images related to the works of the Museu Picasso

      The rates are determined according to the use to be made of the digital images, differentiating between cultural and commercial use:
    • -Cultural use: cultural use is the use of images by non-profit organizations for the purpose of disseminating scientific and cultural knowledge.
    • -Commercial use: commercial use is the use of photographs for publications of for-profit companies as well as for merchandising.
    • If you need the images to publish them in the media, please contact the Museum's Press Department: museupicasso_premsa@bcn.cat
    Product Rate
    Works in the collection 40 € *
    Collection Documents 3,00 € *
    COMMERCIAL USE (in the most suitable format for each use)
    Product Specific use Rate (€)
    Publications (books and periodical publications)

    Cover or back cover

    250.00 *

    Full inside page

    170.00 *
    Half inside page or less 125.00 *

    Merchandising: folders, Christmas cards, boxes, labels, postcards, trays, clothing, games, etc.

    Advertising campaigns: street advertising boards, TV and cinema spots, etc.

    350.00 *

    Examination of the project by the Museum

    • * The rates do not include 21% VAT
    • Particular conditions
      The possibility is established of reaching a specific agreement with suitable conditions when the special characteristics of the request require so, or according to the criteria of the Museum Management.
  • Conditions of use

    Conditions to which the applicant for images is subject from the Museu Picasso in Barcelona
    • The use of images of works by Pablo Picasso and other artists that form part of the Museum's collection is subject to intellectual property rights. In the case of Picasso's works in particular, the rights must be managed with Picasso Succession, the titleholder of the artist's rights. For this reason, prior to making use of it, the applicants must contact the collective management entity of intellectual property rights that belongs to their country in order to obtain the authorisation and to pay the corresponding amounts. In Spain this entity is VEGAP (Núñez de Balboa, 25, 28001-Madrid, tel. 91 532 66 32 / Fax 91 531 53 98 ). For other countries, consult the website of Picasso Administration.
    • The Museu Picasso of Barcelona will not provide any reproduction of Picasso’s work without the prior permission of the Picasso Succession.
    • The user agrees to follow the instructions of the Museu Picasso on how to reference the reproduction provided.
    • The images will be used for a single use and for the purpose indicated on the application form. Obtaining the corresponding authorisation only benefits the applicant and does not allow their use to be transferred to a third party.
    • It is expressly forbidden to use the images for purposes other than those for which they have been requested; likewise, its use in another territorial area or for a purpose other than those indicated is prohibited. Each different use requires a new authorisation. The Museu Picasso does not grant exclusive authorisations or licenses. The fact of obtaining permission to reproduce images does not imply the right to use the name and identifying elements of the Museu Picasso. Under no circumstances can it be implied that the activity of the applicant has the support or collaboration of the Museum. The name of the Museum can only be used to reference the origin of the images.
    • The Museu Picasso may revoke the use of the reproductions provided if the applicant fails to comply with any of the conditions mentioned in this document and may also exercise the right to take any legal action it deems appropriate against persons who fail to comply with these conditions.
    • The Museu Picasso will be grateful for the delivery of a copy of the publication where the image or images provided appear, or the communication of the website from which they are disseminated, in order to incorporate this documentation and information in the Knowledge and Research Centre of the Museu Picasso.
    • The images will be provided in digital format with the appropriate quality for the end use of the reproductions.
  • Request of images:

To make the request of images of the works of the collectionit is necessary to fill in the following request form for images and to send it by email to the following address: arxiupicasso@bcn.cat.

ObligatoriCurrently, 35% of the works of the Museum are available for the sale of the reproduction in digital quality.