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Institutional information

  • Foundational aims of the Foundation

    • Guaranteeing the protection, conservation, study, dissemination and restoration of the artistic, architectural and documentary heritage of the Museu Picasso’s permanent collection.

    • Increasing its heritage, adding value to the collection or enhancing it notably.

    • Displaying the collection in an orderly way, under the appropriate conditions for its contemplation and study, and helping to construct new narratives about Picasso, while the artist’s connection with the city of Barcelona.

    • Developing temporary exhibition programmes that will extend and enrich our knowledge of Pablo Picasso and his artistic and social environment.

    • Promoting citizens’ access to the collection and the documentary archives and encouraging access by external researchers.

    • Fostering the knowledge, dissemination and communication of the museum’s heritage and developing didactic and educational activities relating to the collection that will promote a spirit of critical inquiry and achieve greater social visibility.

    • Encouraging research on Picasso and his oeuvre and developing research programmes in connection with scientific communities in Spain and abroad.

    • Developing cooperative and collaborative networks with other museums, universities, institutions and research centres in Spain and abroad to encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

    • Guaranteeing the conservation and restoration of the buildings that form the headquarters of the foundation.

    • Statutes of the Foundation
      Pdf download

  • Regulatory framework

    Applicable regulations
    On March 6th 2013 the representatives of Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Culture Foundation granted the public deed for constituting the Foundation, “Fundació Museu Picasso de Barcelona”, which is governed by its statutes and, amongst others, by the following regulations:

    The Catalan Regulations for Foundations

    Law 21/2014, of 29th December, of the protectorate of the foundations and of the verification of the activity of the associations declared to be of public utility DOGC Nº. 6780, of 31st December.

    Law 19/2014, of 29th December, of transparency, access to public information and good governance DOGC Nº. 6780, of 31st December. Corrections of errata in the DOGC Nº. 6822, of 3rd March 2015 and DOGC Nº. 6846 of 8th April 2015.

    Law 4/2008, of 24th April, from the third book of the Civil Code of Catalonia, in relation to legal entities DOGC Nº. 5123, of 2nd May.

    Spanish regulations

    Law 19/2013, of 9th December, of transparency, access to public information and good governance BOE Nº. 295, of 10th December.

    Law 50/2002, of 26th December, of foundations BOE Nº. 310, of 27th December.

    Law 49/2002, of 23rd December, regarding taxation of non-profit organisations and tax incentives for patronage BOE Nº. 307, of 24th December.

    Procurement regulations
    The Public Sector Contracts Act, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 3/2011, of 14th November and all its rules of implementation and/or complements.
    The Internal Instructions for Procurement, approved by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation in the session of 16th December 2013.
    Barcelona, December 16th 2016.

  • Government organs and functions

    Board of Trustees
    (Currently enrolled in the registe number of entities 2781.)

    President The Mayor of Barcelona: Ada Colau Ballano | CV (PDF)
    First Vice President Joan Subirats i Humet, Comissionat de Cultura | CV (PDF)
    Second Vice President Joan Oliveras Bagués | CV (PDF)
    Members Isabel Balliu Badia
    Marta Clari i Padrós
    Lourdes Cirlot Valenzuela | CV (PDF)
    Joan Gaspar Farreras | CV (PDF)
    Lluis Jou Mirabent | CV (PDF)
    Jaume Asens Llodrà | CV (PDF)
    Claude Ruiz Picasso | CV (PDF)
    F. Xavier Vilató Ruiz| CV (PDF)
    Llucià Homs i Capdevila
    Carlos Vicente Guitart
    José Francisco Yvars Castelló
    Pilar Soldevila Garcia
    Vicenç Villatoro Lamolla | CV (PDF)
    Santi de Torres Sanahuja
    Anna Gener Surrell
    Genís Roca Verard | CV (PDF)

    Non-Trustee Secretary Secretary of Barcelona City Council: Jordi Cases Pallarés

    Executive commission

    President Joan Subirats i Hume | CV (PDF)
    Members Joan Oliveras Bagués
    Lluis Jou Mirabent
    Isabel Balliu Badia

    Direction and Management

    Direction Emmanuel Guigon | CV (PDF)
    Management Maria Vilasó

    Remuneration of managers

    Remuneration of managers | (PDF)
  • Staff

    The Team of the Museu Picasso

    Direction Emmanuel Guigon
    Management Maria Vilasó
    Secretary of Direction Esther Calvo
    Contracting Sílvia Roquet
    Press and Communication Anna Bru de Sala
    Conservation Claustre Rafart
    Conservation Malén Gual
    Exhibitions Mariona Tió
    Restoration and Conservation Reyes Jiménez
    Restoration and Conservation Anna Vélez
    Registrar Anna Fàbregas
    Registrar Anna Anglès
    Registrar Anna Rodríguez
    Educational Services, Activities and Digital content Anna Guarro
    Educational Services Maria Alcover
    Educational Services Vanesa Rojas
    Activities Mercè Garcia
    Digital content Mireia Llorella
    Visitor Services Deirdre Haughey
    Library Margarida Cortadella
    Research Center Sílvia Domènech
    Research Center Raquel Revuelta
    Administration Maite Carol
    Administration Cristina Junquera
    Administration Mireia Cuevas
    Administration Ángel Díaz
    Maintenance Yolanda Granel