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Casa Mauri Montcada, 21

A building from the 18th century set around a courtyard. The house was partially built over Roman era structures belonging to one of the towns in the outskirts of Barcino colony. The façade has a small wooden truss – a characteristic 18th century enclosure system which is practically the only one remaining in Barcelona.

It is possible that the house once formed part of the neighbouring Meca Palace outbuildings in the 13th century. Between 1378 and 1516, it belonged to the Rocha family with documentation missing until 1716, when it was inhabited by F. Casamada.

The building underwent many renovations, the most important in 1872 when it was joined to the neighbouring house, the palau Finestres, owned by Josep Vidal i Torrents. From that moment, a large part of the building was given over to industrial purposes. In 1943, it was purchased by Mauri confectioners. It became a part of the Picasso Museum in 1999.