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Palau Finestres Montcada, 23

As with the rest of the palaces that constitute the Picasso Museum, the Finestres Palace retains original buildings from the 13th century. The building was built atop the remains of a necropolis dating from the end of the Roman era. The house is set around a large courtyard with the characteristic outdoor stairway leading to the main floor. The ground floor preserves a series of rooms with exquisite arcades. The first floor houses two large triple windows with windowpanes or columns. It preserves a magnificent coffered ceiling from the late 13th / early 14th centuries which has been restored. The top floor has an elevation and open or sun gallery.

The most important reforms were undertaken in the 15th and 17th-18th centuries when the round arch gallery crowning the inner courtyard was added.

The building belonged to the Marimon family from 1363 to 1516. In 1698, it passed to the Dalmases family, owners of the Dalmases Palace at Number 20, Carrer de Montcada. In 1872, Josep Vidal i Torrents bought the property and attached it to casa Mauri. Barcelona City Council purchased it in 1970 and it is presently used to house temporary exhibitions at the Picasso Museum.