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Curatorial and Registrar’s departments

The Curatorial and Registrar’s departments carry out the tasks of cataloguing, documenting, researching and exhibiting the artworks in the museum collection, as well as studying the work of Pablo Picasso in general whilst keeping in constant contact with other museums and collections.

The following are amongst their tasks at the Museum:

  • planning and organising the exhibition of the permanent collection
  • documenting the works
  • promoting and supervising the digitalisation process of the collection
  • registering and supervising all movements of the works, whether internally at the museum or externally, managing and controlling loans and tours
  • researching pieces in the collection as well as their setting and context, and relating them to the artist’s other works or works by other artists
  • producing the general catalogue
  • providing expert advice to other departments on the collection
  • studying the art market and achieving or proposing the acquisition of pieces to the museum board
  • dealing with external enquiries relating to the collection or Picasso and his artistic context.