Yo Picasso. Portraits

This catalogue gathers together the works presented in the first exhibition that, in a monographic way, deals with the topic of the self-portrait in Picasso. Although this is a genre that the artist cultivated throughout his life, the intensity and intentionality with which he did so meant that they were never the same. Thanks to this book we are able to see the great variety of techniques he used – painting, drawing, printing, ceramic, and the multiplicity of perspectives that Picasso gave of himself: as a bohemian, as an artist, as an old man awaiting death, or by means of the adoption of various otherness. It shouldn’t be forgotten however, that as Eduard Vallès explains, many of the self-portraits that Picasso did were evocative, ahead of their time, or ideals, that is to say, they presented a face that had little or nothing to do with the artist’s face in the chronological moment in which the artist produced the work. In these pages, Picasso makes us see him through his eyes.