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17 December, 21 January
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Picasso 1936. Traces of an Exhibition presents a variety of innovative ways of consulting, interpreting and organizing documentary information: the combination of cutting-edge technology and historical documentshere reconstruct and bring to life the picture of an exhibition and its convulsive and culturally engaged time. Our docents invite you to discover the processes, interact with the consultation resources and actively engage in the reconstruction of these historic moments.

Tuesday 17 January at 7.30p.m.
Neoclassical Room.
Carrer Montcada, 23.
Admission free, limited capacity.
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On the 17th of January 1936 the French poet Paul Éluard arrived in Barcelona to give a talk on the occasion of the Pablo Picasso exhibition at the Sala Esteva. Though the original text has not survived, his talk was written up in the press, and exactly 76 years later, on the basis of those documentary sources, the poet Enric Casasses will offer an interpretation of what and how and how much Éluard may have said, mixing one poetic universe with another.

Éluard’s talk went outlive on radio and Picasso himself listened to it in Paris: this time round it will be broadcasted by Sèrie BCN and will be heard by who knows how many artists of the future...

Thursday 26 January at 7.30 p.m.
Centre for Knowledge and Research, Room 1.
Aula 1.
Plaça Sabartés, 1.
Admission free, limited capacity.

The round-table will explore the value of documents and the discourse of the archive in the study of artistic processes. The speakers will be asked to give their views on how documents help us re-evaluate and reread the past, offering new representations of the facts, and on what applications they have in museological research, which results from a process of acquisition of original materials and the systematic treatment of the documentary fonds. With Ramon Alberch, Lluís Gómez and Sitesize, moderated by Sílvia Domènech.