See the infrared reflectography See the x-ray image

In order to further our knowledge of the physical characteristics of Barcelona Rooftops and of its technical aspects, the pictorial surface was analysed and photographed using various light sources both visible and invisible to the human eye.

Analytical techniques based on quantum physics were employed since they are able to penetrate the inner layers of paint and therefore provide information of the work's structure and state of conservation. This sort of examination does not require sample taking and allows results to be rendered in a visible image.

The X-ray presented here reveals the existence of an earlier picture that does not match the final version and offers information on the materials employed, the way the paint was applied and the thickness of the brushstroke.

Infrared reflectography has exposed the first lines of the drawing, those of the couple depicted in the underlying layer, as well as the compositional changes Picasso made as he painted the figures.

Barcelona Rooftops - Pablo Picasso

Barcelona Rooftops Barcelona, 1903
Oil on canvas, 71 x 111 cm
Permanent loan from the Ministry of Culture, 1991
Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Gasull Fotografia
MPB 112.943