Title: Picasso in Paris 1900-1907. Eating Fire Curator: Marilyn McCully Authors: Marilyn McCully, Nienke Bakker, Peter Read, Isabel Cendoya Year: 2011 Pages: 248 Languages: Catalan, Castilian, English Size: 28.5 x 23 cm Publisher: Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona / Museu Picasso, Mercatorfonds ISBN English: 978-90-79310-21-0 ISBN Catalan: 978-90-6153-957-5 ISBN Castilian: 978-90-6153-956-8 Design: Janpieter Chielens / Tijdgeest Price: 30€ Shop at LAIE

Picasso first set foot Paris in the autumn of 1900, on a visit to the Universal Exposition. A year later he had his first Paris show, at the prestigious Vollard gallery, and had begun to make a name among the city’s artists and intellectuals. The catalogue of the exhibition ‘Picasso in Paris 1900-1907. Eating Fire’, by Picasso expert Marilyn McCully, profiles the young artist’s life during this crucial period, revealing the impact made on him by his first-hand exposure to the work of certain individual artists — Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Steinlen, Rodin, Cézanne and Puvis de Chavannes — and tracing the process that led him to forge a style of his own and become the leading figure of the French avant-garde.