Museu Picasso 16 May / 19.00 h.

Horacio Fernández, Doctor in History of Art and Reader in History of Photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca University of Castilla La Mancha.

Public Photography

“Photography is like a mosaic that becomes synthesis only when it is presented en masse,” stated August Sander. There are two ways to achieve this synthesis: the exhibition and the photobook. Photobooks are the means used by leading photographers to present their best work, publications with photographs arranged as a continuity of images containing complex arguments and meanings. They are provisional experiments where the hypotheses of the art world are subjected to public scrutiny. Photobooks have proven their effectiveness as a way of presenting, communicating and interpreting photos. Exhibitions are less practical but have notable advantages: they relate sets of works to each other and to the public; they are opinion-makers and generate debate. Photos are not handcrafted images, they are not unique, there are no ‘originals’: on the contrary, photos are technology-based, reproducible images – they are all ‘copies’ which are published in magazines, as posters, in books. The readers of these print media are the audience for the photos.

Museu Picasso
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Centre St. Pere 16 May / 19.00 h

Sitesize, Elvira Pujol Masip and Joan Vila Puig. Platform for Collaborative Projects on the Contemporary Metropolis.

The Future of the Past. Documents in Circulation

The life cycle of the documents in an archive is an itinerary open to interpretation and levels of re-appropriation that place their value in another time and off-limits. This exploration relates the important task of classification and custody to the generation of creative actions for cultural renewal, which must necessarily be a projective study of the values, meanings and facts that documents are a testament to.

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