Museu Picasso 15 May / 19.00 h.

Paz Moreno Feliu

Chair of Social Anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the National Distance Education University of Spain UNED, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Explorations of the gift, the charity and the tree of capital: the Pasatiempo park in Betanzos

The anthropological interpretation of an encyclopaedic park – the Pasatiempo – enables us to compare the exceptionality of capitalism to other social organisations in which gifts, graces, charity and reciprocity represent a sample of the diversity of the ways in which other cultures have understood the place of the economy in society.

Museu Picasso
Centre de Coneixement i Recerca del Museu
Plaça Sabartés, 1. 08003 Barcelona

Arrels Fundació 15 May / 19.30 h

Julio Jara, artist

The decision comes from outside

Why do they call me Julio when my name is Julian? It’s because the decision always comes from outside. Two names, two opposite directions on the same walk, through streets with an official name and others unnamed. The unofficial ones are not streets because they are dispossessed itineraries. They don’t figure in the street guides, they are paths, shortcuts, which in their turn link streets, and, naturally, produce encounters, official ones, like the one that will take place between the Fundació Arrels and the Museu Picasso. Paths made by the transit of ordinary people, anonymous people. Paths like currents, footprint by footprint, as many as there are people who walk, inscribe a name always open to change, never resolved: InsideOutside.

Arrels Fundació
c/ Riereta 24, baixos
08001 Barcelona
Tel. 93 441 29 90