Museu Picasso 14 May / 19.00 h.

Ignacio Echevarría

Editor and cultural critic

“Literature and Doublespeak”

A brief review of some of the most frequent topics which, on the lips of both writers and editors, critics, booksellers, cultural managers and even readers, camouflage the effective operation of the present system of production, distribution and consumption of books and, more specifically, of what passes for literature. Politics of resistance and prospects for a new cultural paradigm in the new digital era.

Museu Picasso
Centre de Coneixement i Recerca del Museu
Plaça Sabartés, 1. 08003 Barcelona

Laie 14 May / 19.00 h

Erick Beltrán, artist

Scale, horizon and the appearance of units

My work is an investigation into the concept of editing. It focuses on the mechanisms that serve to define, evaluate, organise, sort, select, reproduce and distribute images in order to create discourses in the political, economic and cultural ambits of contemporary society; the way in which the phenomenon of editing defines our world and the balance of power in the relationships between groups of people. How do images acquire value? What images should be reproduced? What are the reasons for reproducing certain images and not others? What are the techniques and resources used to strengthen the content of an image? What are the different file weights of images depending on the format? Who chooses the images that appear in the mass media? To what extent is distribution part of the process of editing and publication of a hard copy.

Laie Pau Claris
c/ Pau Claris, 85. 08010 Barcelona
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