Exchanges / Session 3 / 22 March / 6 p.m.

Patricia Molins, Inmaculada Salinas, Carme Nogueira

Money, Collages and Handcuffs in the Feminist Play

The marks of gender place the origin of art work between luxury and craftwork, a sumptuary move that hides a lot of resistance. The aim is to talk about the ways of making qualitative that which escaped from the major art institutions.

Patricia Molins, Inmaculada Salinas and Carme Nogueira (represented by Molins given that she was unable to attend at the last moment) are presented to us through their investigation and their works of the image of the women and femininity through art and craftwork.

Patricia Molins - art historian and curator

Carme Nogueira – artist

Inmaculada Salinas - artist