Exchanges / Session 2 / 8 March / 8 p.m.


Body against Capital: a Flamenco Musical against the Financial System

The Flo6×8 group from Seville illustrated for us their struggle against capitalism by means of performances and protest actions in which flamenco is the dominant element. Born out of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the Flo6×8 collective ranges from flamenco dances featuring a single bailaor to group performances, by way of solo songs —on the subject of security cameras at night or set in the middle of office hours.

The group’s aim is to express and manifest dissatisfaction with the economic situation, not only in these times of crisis, but throughout the preceding years. They seek to make visible to those responsible the captivity of the banks and denounce our dependence on them through the medium of flamenco and the strength of the body.

Flo6x8 - art collective