Exchanges / Session 2 / 7 March / 8 p.m.

Todoazen collective

Auction House. Reducing Art Stocks. Lots

The Todoazen collective set us to reflecting on the market and the value of art, taking as a frame of reference the role of the auction houses in the art market and the economic and symbolic component that underlies every bids.

In view of their special condition as border areas — between the market and taste, between sensibility and wealth, between economics and art — auctions are narratives that, over and above their realistic aesthetic, belong to the symbolism of the twentieth-century avant-gardes. The prices fetched construct the value of art, with art auctions acting as a ritual of legitimation of private property. To demonstrate this, the group has set out a number of lots for the public to ponder what should be its price.

Todoazen collective - pluralist and multidisciplinary group interested in narrative research about the present