Exchanges / Session 1 / 22 February / 7 p.m.

Manuel Prados Sánchez i Alejandro Peña

The Adventures of Picasso

Both the 1978 Swedish film Picassos äventyr, directed by Hans Alfredson and Tage Danielsson, which was by presented Manuel Prados Sánchez and Alejandro Peña (as well as presentation on the following day by Rogelio López Cuenca of his project City: Picasso), break down a range of semiotic aspects of the Picasso brand, that defining emblem of the meaning of modern art in the capitalist service economy. Of particular interest here are the various communication devices with which these authors portrayed what can be called Picasso’s contamination of the iconosphere.

Alejandro Peña - artist

Manuel Prados Sánchez - artist